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Full House Definition Poker - Definition of Full House What is the definition of the term "full house" in poker? What does it mean to have a "full house" in poker? A "full house" occurs when your hand makes three of a kind plus two of a kind of any other value. For instance - let's say that you are playing at your favorite online site and you are dealt pocket Nines. Casino Poker for Beginners: All In, Call, and Kill Buttons ...

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Apr 17, 2015 · KILL / HALF KILL. In poker, a “kill pot” means a hand in which the stakes of the game are doubled from their usual amount. For example, the bets in a $2/$4 fixed-limit Omaha hi/lo game suddenly become $4 and $8 when the “kill” is on, though usually the blinds remain the same. Full House Definition Poker -

To kill a pot means to post an overblind that increases the betting limit. A full kill is double the amount of the big blind, and doubles the betting limits. ... A player who is required to post a kill must do so that same hand even if wishing to quit or ...

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